Eonbazar Quality Leader Online Shop in Bangladesh. Eonbazar Sister Concerns of Eon Group of Industries. Eon group is a fast-growing conglomerate in Agri-based industry working to provide inputs to farmers (crop & animal) to produce high yield and high-quality farm which is produced for consumers. This group is engaged in manufacturing, import and distributing all types of agricultural inputs primarily for the nation-wide local market and also for the global market. Our group is working with the vision to be a contributor to “Food Security and Safety” in Bangladesh.

Inception: January 2000

Operations: September 2000
Number of Employees: approx. 1400

Our Vision:

We are committed to being the Quality leader in Production, Process, and Distribution of safe products to the consumer.

Our Mission:

We are committed to contributing to the sustainable growth of the overall economy of the country by conducting all our business operations through.

  • Innovation and introduction of proper products & services that our end users deserve.

  • Development of skilled human resources as per the need of the respective industry.

  • Establishment of a healthy trade relationship with a dynamic & challenging global market.

We are further committed to train and motivate all our employees in order to provide superior quality service to every person we interact.

Strategic Business Segments:

Animal Agriculture (Dairy, Poultry & Aquaculture Integration)
Animal Feed
Agro Machineries
Crop Agriculture (Seed, Fertilizer, Pesticides, Insecticides etc.)
Consumer Food
Pharma & Healthcare

Franchise Restaurant (bb.q)

Eon Bazar is an online market place of Eon Group committed to deliver wide range of consumer food products to its consumers. All food products are antibiotic & chemical free, freshly produced which are sourced through network farming and maintaining proper cold chain.

The production facility of different brands under this group of companies are Halal, ISO and HACCP certified to ensure food safety and security to consumers.    

Eon bazar is currently offering different reliable brands like Country Natural, Baqarah, Ocean Blue, Ocean Ria and Puro.